API documentation

Getting an API key

There are 2 ways to receive an API key:

1. Use account page. Open this link and find a section named "Your API key". Click "Copy API key" to copy your API key to your device clipboard. If you want, you can also generate a new one there.
2. Generate an anonymous API key right now. Click the button below to get an API key right now. You won't be able to use additional features with anonymous API key.

API Requests

To call a method you need to make GET or POST request to the specified URL:



https://uclipboard.com/api/clip.new?path=test&text=hello world!&apikey=61ca43bc085a32d6


Error ID Description
1One of the parameters specified was missing
2One of the parameters specified was invalid
3You are not allowed to call this method with specified parameters
4Invalid request
5Unknown method passed
6API is temporarily unavailable
7Flood control
8Access denied

API Methods


Returns recent clip history
Note: only available with access level >= 3. Parameters are not required for this method


Returns access level of the specified apikey
Note: parameters are not required for this method

Access Level| Description
0| Basic functionality
1| You can add a password to your clip
2| You can upload files
3| You can see recent clip history


Retrieves clip content

Name| Description| Example
path| Clip path | test


Creates a new clip

Name| Description| Example
path| Clip path | test
text| Clip message | hello world!
sign| (optional) Default value is false. Set true to sign the clip | true